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Posted by : Everybody Loves Ray segunda-feira, 24 de junho de 2013

Quem assiste Everybody Loves Raymond sabe que Raymond tem a mania de chamar Debra por alguns apelidos carinhosos.Reunimos todos eles aqui e também quais episódios eles foram ditos.

Alvin and the Chipmunks (junto com as crianças) -  Finale
Auntie Em  - The Lone Barone
Banjopants -  Bad Moon Rising
Baby -  Counseling
Baby Bop -  Marie's Meatballs
Barnes & Noble (os seios de Debra) -  Boob Job
Blubber Head - Talk To Your Daughter
Bubbele - The Gift
Bubble Wrap - The Invasion
Bulbous - Why Are We Here?
Butterbun - The Invasion
Cat Ballou - Working Girl
Cheese Doodle -  Separation
Chubby - Somebody Hates Raymond
Cornflake - Six Feet Under
Crabby - Wallpaper
Cranapple  - Move Over
Crinkle-Cuts  - Ally's F
Cummerbund-  How They Met
Darth Debra - Young Girl
Delilah -  Frank the Writer
Dizzy Broad - No Thanks
Eight Maids A Milkin' - Season's Greetings
Fat Legs - Talk To Your Daughter
Gladys Knight and the Pips (junto com as crianças) - Whose Side Are You On?
Honey - Alone Time
Honey Bun - Ray's Ring
Hot and Sour Soup - I Love You
Hot Little Chuckle Monkey - Call Me Mom
Huck-A-Poo -  Be Nice
Jambalaya  - Move Over
Jelly Cheeks - The Plan
Jimmyjack - Power of No
Krispy Kreme - The Apartment
Lady Pantaloons - Power of No
Little Debbie -  The Christmas Picture
Luckypants - Father Knows Least
Madame Booby - P. T. & A.
Miss Hippie Go Free Free - Fairies
Miss Holy Moley - Prodigal Son
Miss Teen U.S.A. - Net Worth
Mommycakes - Ally's Birth
Monkey - Bully on the Bus
Moonshine - The Bigger Person
Mukluk - What Good Are You?
Nickel - Boob Job
Noodle - The Visit
Numchuks - The Contractor
Nurse Ratchet - Captain Nemo
Peppermint - Robert's Divorce
Peppersquat - Cousin Gerard
Pinky - No Fat
Pistol Pete - Favors
Pokey - Getting Even
Powder Puff - You Bet
Puddle Pants - Getting Even
Puka Shell - Working Girl
Pumpkin - Older Women
Skinny - Somebody Hates Raymond
Skinny Girl - Counseling
Slim Fast - What Good Are You?
Smelly Tramp - Talk To Your Daughter
Sniggles - Marie's Meatballs
Snugglepants -Moving Out
Soda Pop - The Walk To The Door
Squeezioli -She's The One
Sugar - The Thought That Counts
Sweetie Pie - Counseling
Sweetness - Moving Out
Swizzle - Marie and Frank's New Friends
Teletubby - The Sitter
Tiny Dancer - Move Over
Toots - Ray's Ring
Witchy Poo - The Kicker
Your Highness  - Homework

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